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An Idea is Reality.

Of course, the usual belief about reality is that it is outside ourselves and was created by someone else (God, the Big Bang, or perhaps Charles Darwin).
There is a popular idea today that is stated something like this- "everything that has been created was once an idea in someone's mind".
The truth about this idea can be more clearly stated something like this- "everything that we perceive as having been created is actually still just an idea in someone's mind".

The conundrum

Thought is creative-
Therefore, though can create the idea
That thought is not creative...

Our ideas are Real...everything else is a projection.

Imagine a holographic projection system that one could program and then enter into.
One could create a program that would allow one to experience- fear, loneliness, sickness, war, poverty, and death. And after experiencing that for a time, one could tell the computer to end that program and one would still be where they had always been.

Perhaps we are living in such a holographic projection right now.

Perhaps we are ready to end this particular program.

Have we forgotten how to enter the end program command?

Maybe you left yourself a clue? And when you see that clue you will remember.

Perhaps you can I-Magine the answer ~~

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