I am looking for One partner to explore the Absolute edge of movement and of "physical" existence itself.  The Work that we do  looks like Contact Improvisation and more.  Having agreed upon  specific  axioms with each other,  our interactions naturally move towards certain states of Awareness.
  These axioms can be summed up by this statement.--

                 -Nothing Real can be threatened.
                 -Nothing unreal exists.

  This statement leaves us in a world of absolute innocence. What we call the "physical world" is a misperception of Reality.  We move together with absolutely no belief in limitation of any kind.  -We come together and merge all that we are into each other. -Nothing is  left outside this meeting. -We join in every possibility of physical expression.  -There is absolutely no allegiance to collective  consciousness of any sort.   - Every feeling is encouraged and expressed  - We touch, we talk, we dance, we scream,  we roll on top of and into each other.
     Our touch is the willingness to communicate fully.   As each communication is shared,  deeper ones are revealed to us.  Inevitably, our One True Being will be what is revealed.

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