There was a time when most ideas of immortality were of the
religious variety that were usually stated as something like
"immortality is attained by dying and going to heaven".
No one ever seemed to describe exactly how that would happen or what
it would look like. It is usually imagined as another body that
looks exactly like the one that we have now, but that is somehow
magically different. (I say magically because what could make the
corruptible incorruptible?) Hence, in movies people who die
sometimes reappear as ghosts looking exactly the same and even
 wearing the exact same clothes. So the basic idea behind this is that
immortality is achieved by "going somewhere else", there is
something wrong with "here", and there is somewhere else that is a
better place. Just where this place could be `placed' is not
understood.  So where might heaven be located? Is it
in the far reaches of the universe? Would it be in a parallel
universe or alternate reality?

  In the most recent times, many have stopped believing in such
things as heaven. The so called `scientific' mind states that
we can only know what we perceive with our senses. Our bodies are seen
as having evolved from the same stuff that creates mud or stars. We
are biological machines that have attained self consciousness
(whatever that is!). What becomes of immortality within this
belief system? It becomes a simple case of exchanging body parts to
stay alive forever. The ideas go from as subtle as coaxing the
body to grow new cells to replace damaged ones,  to as gross as
exchanging body parts with mechanical duplicates. Just rebuild the
engine and keep it oiled, and maybe we won't have to address the
question of exactly what is `self consciousness'.

  Both of the above ideas have one thing in common. They both
ignore the fact that

   "physical matter" has been incontrovertibly proven to
    not exist.

  I will assume that most people who are reading this are familiar with
basic quantum physics and know the truth of the above statement.
Many people who have studied this know that the very world that we
live is an illusion, a holographic projection of mind. However, the
preponderance of these people will put down their physics books and go
about their daily lives creating beliefs that are based on the idea
that the world that they perceive is solid and real, even though they
know that's not true! Why are people afraid to believe what they
  If the `material' world that we perceive is not "real" , then what
is it? A book could be written to answer that question. In fact
a book has been written that addresses the question extensively, it's
called A Course In Miracles. For the purpose of what I'm writing
here if will proffer the idea that the "material world" as we now
perceive it is a projection of our beliefs. But behind that
projection is a kind of message. A message that we don't yet
understand the meaning of. A message from our Self, about a way
Home. A place of Knowing where beliefs have no meaning.

  How can our "bodies" die when they never truly existed?
  How can they live, where there is no "place" in which to live?

    "Physical Immortality"-

  Why try to "die" and go someplace else?
  Why try to stay in a "here" that doesn't even exist?

  It's called "physical immortality" because we seem to be perceiving a
"physical" world right now. Listen to the "message" in what we are
perceiving. Start to see what's real right where we perceive
ourselves to be. The default is to stay "here". Our "bodies" can
be experienced as clearer and clearer representations of our true
Selves without us having to "go somewhere else". We don't have to
escape from our bodies to find Ourselves.
  And how do we know what is real in that which we perceive?

~ Love ~

"Love all that you see
Live all that you feel
Know all that you possess"

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