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—— Having sensed the presence of the Absolute Truth since I was (seemingly) a child, I finally Chose many years ago to totally commit to It. Having made that Choice, it is no longer possible to be tempted by the lies of the ego. The "world" has ceased to exist as something "real". What was once though of as "solid matter" is now Known to be an "artifact" of our Being attempting to Communicate with us. This Communication can not be under-stood by the ego mind because the ego sees communication as something that comes from outside a ourselves.  Only the Knower ( I-Magi ) can re-member this Communication as One. When I join what was my perception with what I now Know, I - "Feel Everything And Rejoice" . This intensity of immersion in the Truth when misperceived through the ego mind has been called "fear".....

  And how do we "receive" this communication?    By "feeling" it.

The world that we had once declared as "solid" and "real" can now be "felt".    It can be returned to it's source which is mind.    When we allow ourselves to experience our mind we  begin to Remember   -The One Mind-

   The Choice to Know is not an "event" -unlike      "Enlightenment" which is usually conceived as something that "happens" to us,  something that we "achieve". 

                                         I Am

                                         Therefore I Know


Choice occurs outside of time and space.    I Remember what Always Is,  which includes the startling realization that I NEVER FORGOT.

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